3 best ways to have a healthy baby

Published: 27th October 2009
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There are certain steps you can take to make sure you get pregnant and have a healthy child. Some women may not take good care of themselves before and during pregnancy resulting in unpleasant results. Follow these simple steps to make sure couples have everything under control.

Smoking or drinking. Smoking and drinking can drastically decrease your fertility levels. Both woman's and man's reproductive systems may get affected by cigarette smoke, whether inhaled directly or as secondhand smoke as well as alcohol intake. Researchers report that smoking diminishes fertilization in women by two-thirds. Cigarette smoke decreased the number of eggs a woman produces each month.

Maintain well balanced diet. If women are not eating nutritious, well balanced diet including foods high in anti-oxidants, it can effect their fertility. Maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and keep stress under control. Avoid eating seafood, as it is associated with increasing blood levels of mercury, which has been linked to fertility problems. For women, taking folic acid supplements before trying to conceive to reduce the risk of spina bifida and other neural tube defects.

Keep a timetable. Women can keep an eye on their ovulation cycle and try to conceive when they are most fertile. Record the first day and the length of menstruation every month. If menstruation consistently starts every 28 days, you can reasonably assume that ovulation occurs 14 days after the first day of menstruation. Illness and stress can both affect the timing of ovulation, so make sure to relax and stay stress free.

How to get pregnant is an issue that should be handled with great care, extra effort and extreme patience. Increasing fertility and getting pregnant is like a gift for couples who are unable to have babies while trying all other ways.

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